Pain Relief

What does pain feel like? It hurts! But that is a very useful thing.

Yes, pain is a useful part of life. It lets us know when something is hurting or damaging our body. We feel pain all over our body thanks to our nerves which send pain signals to our brain. We can feel pain from almost everywhere on our body.

Once we stop our body from getting hurt, the pain goes away…or does it? Sometimes we still feel pain even if our body is no longer being damaged. Headaches are an example of a type of pain that just doesn’t “go away.” Auto accident victims also experience pain after an accident. Sometimes, the victims doesn’t know anything is wrong until a few days after the accident.

In these cases it’s difficult to identify what’s causing the pain and how we would stop it. Chiropractors can help with pain relief. Whether headaches and migraines or neck pain from a car accident, Dr. VanDyke can help you put an end to your chronic pain.

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